Blog Post 2

PuraMatrix® Synthetic Extracellular Matrix


  • PuraMatrix® promotes cell attachment, but does not activate RGD-dependent integrin signalling
  • In the presence of salt-containing solution, the peptide component of PuraMatrix® self-assembles and forms a transparent 3D hydrogel
  • Exhibits nanometer scale fibrous structure
  • Biocompatible; devoid of animal-derived material and pathogens

Technical Specifications

  • 1% solution (w/v) of purified synthetic peptide
  • Packaged material exhibits pH = 3.0
  • Quality Control:
    • Tested and found negative for bacteria, fungi, and Mycoplasma
    • Cell viability > 80% based on cytotoxicity analysis of NIH3T3 fibroblasts
    • Identity confirmed using Mass Spectrometry
    • Demonstration of fiber formation using a self-assembly assay